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Water transfer printing, also known as, Hydrographic printing, 3D printing amongst other names is the process of transferring a pattern, be it wood, carbon fibre, camouflage, flames or one of literally thousands of designer patterns from a piece of PVA printed media onto the surface of an object by means of an ink transfer process.

It’s advantage over screen printing, spraying, airbrushing and vinyl wrapping is it is possible to get very consistent pattern coverage over very irregular shaped objects not possible by any other method.

Once printed, it is covered in a Gloss protective lacquer which makes it as tough and durable as an automotive paint finish.

The process itself is used in the mass production of automotive interior trim for many years with the majority of wood and carbon fibre effect in cars actually being fake. Whether you drive a Ford or a BMW, that high quality piece of trim is in fact printed plastic which has been lacquered, giving a very life like wood or carbon look.

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